Washing medical coats

Washing medical coatsWe truly know that your patient’s safety and wellness is one of the most important thing for you. That is why you do everything for his comfort and for his feeling that he is treated with full responsability.The very first things a patient notices the moment he enters a medical unit are the medical uniforms and coats.
If you wish your medical uniforms and coats to look like new, Curatica- washing services for medical coats cleans and irons them just perfectly.
Due to the latest technology and the extremely efficient and strong detergents that we use, the fabrics maintain their aspect and they also feel smooth to the touch. The colours also maintain their original brightness. Even the dirtiest equipment will look as new after the cleaning. During the process of cleaning/ washing/ sanitizing the medical coats and uniforms ( including the round trip transportation) we strictly follow the necessary steps for a perfect result:

1. The medical uniforms and coats, the overalls and the bedsheets are pre-inspected and labeled according to the nature of the fabric, the colour and the visible stains.
2. The stains are pre-treated, according to their nature, with agents of the best quality.
3. The clothings are washed in washing machines fitted with the latest technology, able to use a wide range of programmes for customized washing, according to the fabric and to the ammount of dirt on it. We use efficient but environmentally friendly detergents.The secret of getting perfect results in the cleaning process is that we use quality products and a highly balanced mixture of the active agents in our detergents.
4. The medical uniforms and coats, the overalls and the bedsheets are then carefully dried so that the fabric is not frayed or bleached. Our dryers are equipped with functions able to control the humidity and the temperature during the drying process.
5. According to the nature of the fabric, the work equipment is perfectly ironed without harming the collars or the cuffs.
6. Everything is individually packed after the ironing process.

For a neat and perfect outfit of the employees in your unit, count on Curatica, a reliable helping hand in keeping your place clean!

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